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What do our Volunteers do?


Being an adviser is a very varied role

As an adviser you will:

  • Interview clients.
  • Give advice and explain the choices and consequences to the client.
  • Give practical help by writing letters; making phone calls; completing forms; making calculations and perhaps representing clients at tribunals.
  • Refer clients to other agencies if they are better placed to help.
  • Keep records of all clients’ cases
  • Prevent future problems by identifying issues that affect a lot of clients

You don’t need any particular qualifications or experience to train as an adviser.

However; you need to...

  • Be good at listening
  • Be able to work in a team
  • Be able to read and write English, and do basic maths
  • Enjoy helping people
  • Be prepared to ask clients for their personal details

Support every step of the way

Advisers don’t need to know it all

We provide all trainee advisers with a comprehensive accredited training programme that will give you the skills you need to deliver a high quality service to clients. Our electronic information system contains most of the information you will need when advising clients. You won’t be left alone after you are trained. There will always be a more experienced adviser, who will give you support, advice and guidance. All advisers are insured by Community Advice in case mistakes are made. Once you have qualified as a Generalist Adviser, you will have the opportunity to develop further skills and increase the depth and breadth of your knowledge.

Advantages of being a volunteer

All sorts of people volunteer for many different reasons, but one thing that unites them all is that they find it challenging, rewarding and varied.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to learn new skills and to develop existing ones:

  • Community Advice Adviser training is respected and valued throughout the advice sector and can be accredited by the Open College Network.
  • Each role will enable you to develop specific expertise. For example, you might improve your IT and organisational skills as an administrator, or learn how to deal with the media and develop research skills as a campaigner.
  • In any role, you will develop your skills in a number of valuable areas, like communication and dealing with the public, as well as increasing your self-confidence through practical hands-on experience.
  • There are opportunities for everyone to develop – you never stop learning!

It’s also a chance to put the skills and experience you have to good use helping others. We need people of all ages and backgrounds. For many people, the best thing about volunteering for Community Advice is getting to meet a wide range of people and make new friends. There is a real team spirit within CAAND. Above all, it’s a chance to make a real difference. By volunteering you’ll be playing an active part in improving the lives  of people and influencing the development of national and local policies and services.

If you would like to register your interest to volunteer please click here to complete our online application form. Someone will be in touch in due course.


Trustee Board Members...

Information on Role of Trustee Board Members

Main duties and responsibilities for all trustees

Each individual member of the Trustee Board has a responsibility to contribute to the discharging of the board's duties. They can do this by:

  • maintaining an awareness of the business of Community Advice Ards and North Down
  • taking responsibility for their own learning and development
  • regularly attending, preparing for and taking a full part in meetings
  • actively contributing to setting policy and strategic direction, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance
  • monitoring whether the service complies with its governing document, whether it meets Community Advice standards and how well the advice needs of the local community are being met
  • monitoring the financial position of Community Advice Ards and North Down and ensuring that it operates within its means and objects, and that there are clear lines of accountability for day-to-day financial management
  • supporting the development of Community Advice Ards and North Down through participation in agreed projects
  • actively seeking to further the strategic objectives of Community Advice Ards and North Down, and acting in its best interests at all times
  • maintaining confidentiality about any sensitive or confidential information received in the course of duties as a trustee.

Personal skills and qualities for all trustees

Each individual member of the Trustee Board brings skills and qualities to the board. They add to the collective knowledge and experience by providing:

  • commitment and availability to attend Community Advice Ards and North Down Trustee Board meetings
  • effective communication skills and willingness to participate actively in discussion
  • willingness to gain knowledge of local needs and resources
  • commitment to the aims, principles and policies of the Community Advice service, including those relating to equal opportunities, independence, research and campaigns
  • willingness and ability to act in the best interests of Community Advice Ards and North Down
  • ability to understand and accept their responsibilities and liabilities as trustees and employers
  • willingness to participate in democratic process which develops Community Advice policies by area and nationally
  • numeracy to the extent required to understand Community Advice Ards and North Down accounts with the support of a treasurer
  • willingness and ability to learn, and to develop and examine their own attitudes
  • ability to think creatively and strategically, and exercise good, independent judgement
  • ability to work effectively as a member of a team.

If you would like to register your interest to volunteer for the Trustee Board please click here to complete our online application form. Someone will be in touch in due course.

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